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Elcometer 456 Coating Thickness Gauge Probe Range

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All Elcometer 456 coating thickness gauge probes are fully interchangeable and are available in a number of designs and scale ranges to meet your specific application.

Ferrous coating thickness gauge probes measure non magnetic coatings on ferro-magnetic substrates. Elcometer 456 coating thickness ferrous gauges accept any ferrous probe.

Non-ferrous coating thickness gauge probes measure non conductive coatings on non-ferrous metal substrates and Elcometer 456 non-ferrous gauges accept any non-ferrous probe.

Dual FNF probes measure both ferrous and non-ferrous applications with automatic substrate detection. Elcometer 456 FNF coating thickness gauges accept all ferrous, non-ferrous and dual FNF probes.

Elcometer 456 Coating Thickness Gauge Probe Range Explained

456 straight probe
Straight Probes

Measure coating thickness on both flat and curved surfaces
456 mini
Mini Probes

Ideal for measuring coating thickness on edges, narrow pipes or small surface areas
456 right angle probe
Right Angle Probes

Designed for taking coating thickness readings where access is restricted
PINIP™ Probes

Plug-in probes convert a separate coating thickness gauge into an integral gauge
456 telescopic probe
Telescopic Probes

Extending right angle probes for out of reach areas

456 ultra scan
Ultra/Scan Probes

These probes are fitted with replaceable probe caps - allowing users to take individual coating thickness measurements or scan large surface areas without damaging the probe

456 waterproof
Waterproof Probes

Sealed for use underwater at depth, even in diving gloves
456 High Temp
High Temperature Probes

For use on hot coated materials up to 250°C (480°F)
456 anodiser
Anodiser Probes

Chemical resistant washable probes - ideal for the anodising environment
456 arnoured probe
Armoured Probes

Probes with metal reinforced heavy duty cables, reducing the risk of cable damage
456 soft coatings
Soft Coating Probes

Large surface area probes for soft reach materials (HVCA approved)
456 specialist
Specialist Probes
These probes are designed for measuring coating thickness on specialist substrates, such as graphite, or electroplated components

Elcometer probes have a maximum operating temperature of 80°C (176°F) with the exception of separate ferrous probes 150°C (300°F) and Hi-Temperature PINIP’s 250°C (480°F). The stated temperature is the substrate temperature, and the duty cycle of the probe must be reduced to ensure a minimal temperature build-up within the probe.

All Elcometer coating thickness gauge probes are supplied with a Test Certificate and a set of calibration foils appropriate to the scale range of the probe.