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High Voltage Detector Accessories

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Elcometer offers a wide range of high voltage detector probes and accessories to suit all applications and substrates.

Rolling springs and ‘C-type’ wire brushes are ideal for inspecting coatings on pipes and pipelines.

Each spring is supplied with an easy-release coupling piece, allowing users to quickly connect and disconnect the rolling spring from stanchions, pillars, etc.

Rolling springs are available in 2 versions, phosphor bronze round spring and 304 stainless steel box section spring. The 19mm (0.75”) diameter phosphor bronze springs are almost 3 times lighter than the 34mm (1.33”) diameter stainless steel springs.

Grounding mats are ideal for testing on ungrounded pipes. The conductive rubber mat is wrapped around the coated pipe and connected to both the grounding pin (supplied separately) and the signal return lead.