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Elcometer 24200 Portable Abrasive Blast Machine - 12bar (174psi)

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The Elcometer 24200 Abrasive Blast Machine is ideal for continuous high production blasting as its large capacity reduces down time refilling the hopper.

  • Ideal for high volume work, easy to fill with large capacity
  • Choice of static or twin wheeled portable machine that is safe and easy to manoeuvre
  • Available with a range of media valves to suit your application
  • Heavy duty 6mm (¼”) construction
  • Easy and quick to service

Elcometer 24200 Portable Abrasive Blast Machine Kit 2 Flat Valve - 12bar (174psi)

Kit includes:

  • 24" 200 litre (610mm, 7.06cu ft) Abrasive Blast Machine
  • Pressure Test Certificate
  • RCV4000+ Remote Control Valve with Air Manifold, Exhaust and Silencer
  • 20m (65.6ft) Pneumatic Control Hose and Deadman’s Handle (DMHII)
  • Choke Valve and Pusher Line
  • Flat Valve with Flanged T and Metal Pot Coupling
  • Moisture Separator
  • 20m 114" (65.6ft, 32mm) ID Blast Hose with Cast Iron Hose Couplings & Nylon Nozzle Holder
  • Externally Mounted Sieve and Lid
  • Maximum Working Pressure :12bar (174psi)
  • Valve Type :FV
  • Part Number :