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Concrete Inspection
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Concrete structures are normally constructed using steel reinforcement and Elcometer offers Concrete Covermeters and Rebar Locators to either measure the depth of concrete over the rebar or simply to detect the rebar under the surface. Half-cell versions of the Covermeter can be used to assess the probability that corrosion is taking place on the rebar. Test Hammers are used to assess the surface hardness of cured concrete and Elcometer offers several moisture meters that can be used to determine if the structure is sufficiently dry for coating.
Adhesion testers for coating on concrete are available using either hand-operated mechanical methods or the automatic hydraulic method.

Elcometer 181 Analogue Concrete Test Hammer

The concrete test hammer provides a quick, simple and inexpensive method for non-destructive evaluation of concrete compression strength and...

Elcometer 182 Digital Concrete Test Hammer

The Elcometer 182 Digital Concrete Test Hammer is equipped with an electronic transducer which converts the rebound values into a reading on...

Elcometer 331 Covermeters & Half-Cell Meters

An easy to use gauge that quickly and accurately locates/orientates reinforcement bars in concrete and measures the depth of cover over the ...

Elcometer 331 Half-Cell Meters

These easy to use half-cell meters measure the condition and potential corrosion of rebars and steel structures within concrete.When co...

Elcometer P500 Metal Box Locator

Although originally designed to accurately locate valve boxes and manhole covers, the Elcometer P500 Metal Box Locator can also be used as a...

Elcometer P520 Deep Cover Metal Detector

The Elcometer P520 Metal Detector is very high powered for increased depth detection.Originally designed to locate water mains, pipes and ca...
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