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Marine spare parts supply
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Mariso has accumulated lots of professional expertise in years of providing marine spare parts and equipments to worldwide vessels in commission. Regard to the vessels built in China, Mariso is the best spare parts/service provider for global ship-owners/ship managing companies, based on Mariso’s good credits and its long and close connections with Chinese original makers. Meanwhile, we can also provide reliable replaceable parts for vessels not built in China and with longer age to help ship managing companies to cut their operating costs.

Main Engine Spare Parts

Two-stroke Engine Parts Supply Cylinder linerCylinder cover Piston crown, piston ringpiston skirt Water guide jac...

Auxiliary Engine Spare Parts

Four-Stroke Engine Parts Supply  Cylinder linerCylinder headConnecting rodPiston, piston ringValve spindle, seat & cageBearing...

Turbocharger Spare Parts

Turbocharger spare parts is Mariso's most advantageous product line, and these parts have been widely used in worldwide middle and slow spee...

Parts for Vessels Made in China

For vessels built in China, Mariso can provide a one-stop service for worldwide ship owners/managers, including spare parts of pumps/boilers...
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