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Mariso’s welding procedures, materials, and technicians’ qualifications have all been approved by LR. All the reconditioned parts get LR and CCS certificates as per customers’ requirements. The parts we can recondition are: piston crown, piston rod, cylinder cover, connecting rod, exhaust valve seat and exhaust valve spindle. Spare parts on exchange can also be provided.

Piston Crown

Piston crown reconditioning is a cost effective alternative to the purchase of a new one. Since working under a high-temperature and high-pr...

Cylinder Cover

The cylinder covers reconditioned by Mariso team are of superior quality which can compete with the new ones. This is achieved by the c...

Piston Rod

Mariso is using LR approved welding procedures/materials/personnel to recondition piston rod and restore it to the original dimensions. The ...

Connecting Rod

High-speed grinding for the Connecting rod holes:Instead of traditional grinding process, Mariso has developed a unique process of high...

Exhaust Valve Spindle

The welding materials Mariso reconditions with are LR approved and the same as originally making ones. The combustion face is finish machine...

Exhaust Valve Seat

Mariso adopts LR approved welding procedures/materials/personnel to recondition worn-out valve seats,using Satellite as material loss t...
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