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Gloss measurement is based on the amount of light reflected on the surface relative to a polished glass reference standard, measured in Gloss Units (GU). The amount of light that is reflected on the surface is dependent on the angle of incidence and the properties of the surface.

% Reflectance compares the amount of light energy transmitted and received by a glossmeter and expresses the value as a percentage. The shinier a surface is, the closer the value will be to 100%. % Reflectance displays the measurement value as a percentage relative to the selected angle of incidence.

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lcometer 480 Single, Dual & Triple Angle Glossmeters

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Elcometer 408 Triple Angle Gloss & DOI Meter

The Elcometer 408 provides the very latest in gloss measurement technology, providing accurate gloss, haze and distinctiveness of image (DOI...
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