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Cygnus Subsea Ultrasonic NDT
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Cygnus manufactures ultrasonic non-destructive testing (NDT) equipment for maintenance and inspection in a wide range of applications including ship surveys, oil & gas platform checks, underwater inspections, hatch cover weather-tightness testing and many more. Cygnus now carries 3 product lines: Ultrasonic Thickness Gauges and an Ultrasonic Hatch Cover Weather Tightness Tester and Ultrasonic Flooded Member Detector. 

Cygnus DIVE Wrist-Mountable UW Thickness Gauge

With its bright, very large, AMOLED display the Cygnus DIVE is simple to operate, providing accurate and reliable thickness measurements, un...

Cygnus Diver Hand-Held UW Thickness Gauge

The Cygnus Underwater is the original diver held subsea multiple echo Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge. It was designed for use by divers undertak...

Cygnus ROV Mountable Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge

Specifically designed for underwater remotely operated vehicles, Cygnus offer two dedicated ROV Mountable thickness gauges, the M5-ROV-2K - ...

Cygnus Mini ROV Mountable Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge

The Cygnus Mini ROV Mountable thickness gauge has been specially designed to be mounted onto small observation ROVs with or without a manipu...
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