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Fineness of Grind
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From the development of coatings, inks & cosmetics in the laboratory to testing during the production process, quick and precise measurement of the particle size of the material (Dispersion) and volumetric mass (Density) are essential measurement techniques required for reliable and repeatable formulations.

Elcometer 2020 & 2041 Fineness of Grind Gauges

The Elcometer Fineness of Grind Gauges are used to determine the particle size and fineness of grind of many materials including paints, pig...

Elcometer 2050 High Precision Grindometer

This single channel precision grind gauge is used to determine particle size and fineness of grind for many materials including pa...

Elcometer 2070 NPIRI Fineness of Grind Gauge

This precision grindometer is used to determine particle size and the fineness of grind of particles in printing inks according to ...
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