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Drying Time
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When developing a coating process, it is important to know the exact time it takes for the coating to dry or cure. For multicoat paint systems, having knowledge of the drying time enables the operator to know when any subsequent layers can be applied. There are many stages involved in the coating drying time. Once a coating has been applied, it levels off under gravity, and, as the coating begins to cure, a thin dry film appears on the surface. The coating then continues to dry until, finally, it is totally cured.

Elcometer 5300 Linear Drying Time Recorder

The Elcometer 5300 is designed to determine paint drying time by linear recording, with up to 10 positions (5 each side of the centre column...

Elcometer 5100 Payne Permeability Cups

The Elcometer 5100 Payne Permeability Cups are made entirely from anodised aluminium and are used to determine the permeability of films of ...
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