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Hardness & Scratch
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Hardness can be defined as a material’s resistance to permanent deformation.Scratch Resistance: To assess a coating’s resistance to scratch there are a number of different instruments that can be used: Pencil Hardness Tester (Wolff-Wilborn), Sclerometer, Clemen Apparatus, Scratching and Shearing Instrument. Resistance to Indentation: There are many instruments available to assess the resistance to penetration. For coatings in particular, there are three common methods where the depth of penetration of a weighted tool is used to show the coating’s resistance to penetration: Buchholz, Barcol, Shore. Pendulum Hardness Test: Another way to determine a coating or substrate’s hardness is to use the pendulum method. The pendulum method (Persoz & König) uses the concept of friction. Essentially, a pendulum of a fixed weight rests on the coated surface via two ball bearings. The softer the material, the more the bearings will sink into the surface or coating.

Elcometer 3086 Motorised Pencil Hardness Tester

Traditional pencil hardness testers can be limited in their reproducibility and repeatability by two key factors; the uniformity of the carr...

ometer 3045 Persoz & König Pendulum Hardness Tester

The Elcometer 3045 Pendulum Hardness Tester provides reliable & repeatable measurements of coating hardness using either the Persoz or K...

Elcometer 3080 Pencil Hardness Tester

The set of Elcometer 3080 Hardness Testing Pencils is a simple but effective technique to evaluate the hardness of many coatings.The pencil ...

Elcometer 501 Pencil Hardness Tester

The pencil hardness test, also referred to as the Wolff-Wilborn test, uses the varying hardness values of graphite pencils to evaluate a coa...

Elcometer 3092 Sclerometer Hardness Tester

The Elcometer 3092 Sclerometer Hardness Tester measures the hardness of a coating by moving a Tungsten Carbide Tip over the coating wit...

Elcometer 3000 Motorised Clemen Unit

The Elcometer 3000 Motorised Clemen Unit is a robust and accurate instrument for evaluating the resistance to scratching of a coated surface...
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