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Surface Cleanliness
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Surface Cleanliness & Surface Profile

Surface preparation is one of the most important factors in the successful application of a coating or surface treatment and is critical to the effective lifetime of the coating. For any coating to perform successfully it is essential that the substrate is prepared properly.
Ensuring the correct surface preparation optimises the performance of the coating and material usage. Elcometer supply a range of products to meet each of the key industry standard surface preparation inspection methods, including surface condition, blasting parameters, surface profile, surface roughness and surface cleanliness.

Elcometer 130 Salt Contamination Meter

The Elcometer 130 quickly and accurately measures the level of soluble salts on surfaces over 4 times faster than Bresle equivalent test met...

Elcometer 130 SSP Soluble Salt Profiler

The Elcometer 130 Soluble Salt Profiler provides fast and accurate measurement of the level and density of soluble salts - over 4 times fast...

Elcometer 138 Bresle Salt Kit

Elcometer 138 Bresle Salt Kit It is essential that the level of contaminants on a surface is measured prior to application of the coa...

Elcometer 134S Chloride Ion Test Kit for Surfaces

The Elcometer 134S Chloride Ion Test Kit for Surfaces allows the surface to be tested for chloride salts prior to application of a coati...

Elcometer 134 CSN Chloride, Sulphate & Nitrate Kit

Designed to accurately, measure surface chloride, sulphate and nitrate ions in minutes, the Elcometer 134 CSN Salt kit offers a single kit s...

Elcometer 142 ISO 8502-3 Dust Tape Test Kit

The Elcometer 142 Dust Tape Test kit allows assessment of the quantity and size of dust particles on surfaces prepared for painting. Du...
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